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bizTOnet : it is so obvious that nobody has thought about it ! A social network for Companies, someone had to think of it. The homepage is very easy to use (a smart mix between Facebook and LinkedIn), friendly and accessible to all. It draws attention and above all it enables to make Business with your neighbors, conclude partnership with your suppliers, communicate with other entrepreneurs.

Vassilios Skarlidis | Regional Director - SD WORX

A very innovative idea in the business world, which concerns both small and big companies. Thanks to bizTOnet we can keep in touch with our relations and particularly prospect new companies to increase our sales.

Alpaslan Açikgöz | Owner - NEON2000

bizTOnet, a tool that has the merit to exist. Use without moderation in business. A new and easy communication tool between companies !

Didier Bernard | Manager - AGM CONSULTING

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